Chicken Soup for the Soul Rebrand
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Chicken Soup for the Soul, a book series from the 2000s, has transformed into an entertainment company that spreads positivity through streaming, podcasting, and web communities. By establishing a campaign that encourages people to share their stories and recipes, I aimed to rebrand the company and create an inclusive, open community that appeals to younger audiences while still reviving the nostalgia of their book series.


The new Chicken Soup for the Soul logo embodies the friendly, uplifting, and positive characteristics of our brand. Designed to resemble a droplet of soup, this logo serves as an intuitive and interactive brand element.

Opening Logo Animation

Closing Logo Animation

Brand Color

I used a vibrant pinkish-red as the primary color for Chicken Soup for the Soul to convey warmth and positive energy. This hue represents passion, love, and excitement.


Combining serif and sans serif represents diversity and harmony in the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand identity.

Identity Posters

CSS is all about spreading happiness. So I chose bold colors and simple graphic elements which intuitively amuse audiences with an uplifting feeling and joyfulness.

Content Posters

I created the "What's Your Chicken Soup?" campaign which encourages users to share their favorite comfort food recipes, fostering a sense of community around the brand. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul Website

Website and app redesign incorporated features such as discussion forums, allowing users to share recipes, personal stories, and tips on a range of topics. 


Care Package Program

The CSS Care Package service is a way to engage users in Chicken Soup for the Soul's culture of sharing happiness. 

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