Let’s explore👀️ what else is in my head🤯️

Print & Illustration 📄️🌈️

Zine that let you explore cultural💃️ foods and events. Some chicken🐓️ feet recipe, or the newest night🌝️ market✨️ in Arts District, LA🌞️. You never know before you try right?

2D/3D Motion 🏭️

Intro of “Come into my head” by Kimbra💎️✨️ changed🔨️ my brain chemistry🧠️ and music taste😋️ 10 years ago. Still admire her spirit. 

Often I contemplate💬️ about where this humanity🚶️ is heading. What if there were previous generations of the earth🌎️ and we are the 913th edition? Maybe it’s just an infinite😌️ cycle. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, just a thought.🧐️

This is my interpretation of what it’s like to live with Prosopagnosia(face blindness). I was imagining myself facing someone’s face but can’t figure out whose face it is.

Technology🤖️ is truly amazing and I wonder how fast will it change our future🌐️. Someone told me there’s two possible futures with technology - positive one is Startrek🖖️, negative one is Terminator⚠️️.

This is about love at first sight✨️👀️

Illustration 🌈️

I love musical🎶️ Chicago🖤️. Watched it many times enough that I can sing All That Jazz, Funny Honey, Cell Block Tango, Roxie, and Razzle Dazzle 🎺️. Fun fact, I was in opera Carmen as one of children role back in 3rd grade 🎭️.

© Sierra Sohee Lee