Craig : Craigslist Rebrand
︎Brand Identity
︎Motion Graphic
Craigslist is a classified website where you can find listings for various items and discussion forums. With the new brand name, I rebranded Craig as a hyperlocal community app that inspires and connects local neighborhoods. 

︎2024 Young Ones Student Awards ADC Merit
︎2023 Communication Arts Design Annual Shortlist

Brand Montage 


To add a human touch to Craig, logo is inspired by a puzzle piece with an image of a human profile.

Opening Logo Animation

Closing Logo Animation

Brand Color


Custom Typeface

Identity Posters

Content Posters

This demonstrates Craig’s Identity for local businesses, social justice organizations, and non-profit organizations. To create a wider community, Craig Corner Market connects these local businesses and organizations to local residents. 

Craig Website


Social Media (Instagram)


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