The Shape of Water :
The Essence
︎DSLR Photography
︎Lightroom CC
This is a styleframe design for the title sequence of the movie 'The Shape of Water,' a surrealistic love story about Eliza and an amphibian creature that gives her a feeling of acceptance. By showcasing the textural variety of the egg, I aimed to convey that every form of love should be respected.


The sequence captures the transformation of a burnt egg reverting to its perfect original state, symbolizing that every egg starts the same despite its various forms. This represents the respectable nature of Elisa and the Creature's love, which may seem peculiar but is no less valid than any other relationship.




I used a Canon 6D Mark II camera with a Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro lens to capture the macro shots of the egg textures.

© Sierra Sohee Lee